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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Summary

Salesforce’s Winter ’24 release notes are now available! Looking for a quick overview of the key features packed into this release? Look no further! Let’s get started.


Permissions & Sharing

Winter ‘ 24 introduces several enhancements to Permissions and Sharing. These help with reporting, monitoring and troubleshooting. 

Lightning App Builder: Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms allow greater control over the content and layout of pages in Salesforce. Specifically, the ability to easily set up field sections and to show or hide fields/sections in lightning record pages. Winter ’24 continues the rollout of Dynamic Forms by allowing us to: 

Development Environments: Sandbox Changes

  • Understand Changes to Sandbox License Compliance. From Winter ’24, Salesforce will notify users with the ‘Manage Sandbox’ Permission when an org has more sandboxes than permitted. The least recently used sandboxes will be locked. These remain locked until compliance is restored (e.g. buy more licensing or delete unused sandboxes). After 60 days, the locked sandboxes will be deleted. 
  • Select Who Has Access To a Sandbox. Create a Public Group to manage sandbox access. Members in the group gain access and their email addresses are unchanged. Those outside the group must be unfrozen to gain access. 

Einstein Generative AI

Winter ’24 follows on from Salesforce’s ‘Summer of AI‘. Features covered span Commerce, Field Service, Sales and Service Clouds. These features often require Unlimited Edition, with add-on licensing and/or credits. 

Tip: Watch this space for more announcements from Dreamforce!

Sales Basics: Lead and Contact Intelligence Views & To Do Lists

Salesforce Flow

Flow has been a treasure-trove of new features in recent releases. Winter ’24 is no different! Here are some of the key updates:

Other updates

Each release is always packed with updates. Here are some other features/updates which caught my attention.


Following Summer ’23, there are a number of updates to improve accessibility. Notable examples include: 
  • Improved colour contrast in UI elementsSummer’ 23 enhanced colour contrast of non-text UI elements on specific objects. Winter ’24 applies these changes to all Lightning Experience pages and base components in custom Lightning components.
  • Other changes to record pages. Change owner, change record type and inline edit icons have been updated. Screen readers will also communicate if an error message in a page footer is expanded or collapsed.  
  • Get Improved Accessibility in List Views. Changes to button labels and colour contrasts in list views. Changes also provide more descriptive information for screen readers. 
These changes make Salesforce more accessible to users. However, if you have automated testing setup in your org, some minor adjustments may be required after these changes are applied. 

General Setup & Enhancements

Feature Retirements

There are several updates on feature retirements:

This is not exhaustive. Check out the release notes for any other retirements impacting your org. 

Release Updates

Each release, Salesforce introduces a number of core ‘release updates’. These are typically platform updates, designed to improve performance, usability and security. In Winter ’24, there are currently:

  • x8 enforced updates (cannot be disabled when enabled)
  • x1 automatically enabled update (enabled, but can be disabled until enforcement).
Click here for more information. 


Winter ’24 is another large update, with various features to help businesses of all sizes! This summary has highlighted the main features/items which caught my attention. As always, it is a good idea to check out the release notes in full in case there are any other items relevant to your org!

Until next time, thanks for reading! 🐧

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