SFDC Penguin - Winter 23 Preview Release Summary

Winter ’23 Preview-Release Summary: Favourite Features

The Salesforce Winter ’23 Preview Release notes are now available! Lets see some of the best upcoming features.

NOTE: Features are subject to change.

Customisation: Dynamic Forms & Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic Forms. Now support Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Person Accounts! Click here for more info.

Dynamic Related Lists. Introduced in Summer ’22. Winter ’23 adds a simple, but useful feature. Previously, the Dynamic Related List – Single component only allowed us to filter on a single picklist value. In Winter ’23, we can select multiple picklist values to filter on. Click here for more info.

Permission Management

User Access and Permissions Assistant. Free AppExchange App to help you analyse and report on Permissions. Check out this post for an overview of this app’s capabilities! Click here for more info.

Setting Field-Level Security for a Field on Permission Sets Instead of Profiles During Field Creation (Beta). When creating a new field, you can set Field-Level Security for Permission Sets. Is this another step towards the end of individual permissions in Profiles? Possibly. For now, make use of this helpful feature! Click here for more info

General Setup

Cloning Lightning Apps (Beta). A helpful feature for admins! Once enabled, Lightning Apps can be cloned. There are a few considerations. It does not clone standard, connected, managed, community or classic apps. Currently, utility bar items are not supported in beta. Click here for more info.

Reports & Dashboards

Find Your Reports and Dashboards Faster in Analytics Home. Originally Beta in Summer ’22. Use the ‘Unified Experience for Analytics Home’ to view and manage Reports and Dashboards. Winter ’23 brings new browsing and filtering to simplify its use. Click here for more info.

Review a Custom Report Type’s Structure During Report Creation. During Report creation, see a Custom Report Type’s setup. For example, objects within the Report Type as well its ‘joins’. Click here for more info.

Filter Custom Report Types by Salesforce Fields (Beta). This beta feature allows you to filter standard and custom Report Types by field. Filter by up to 20 fields to ensure the Report Type you need is the right one for your needs. Enabled by contacting Salesforce Support. Click here for more info

In-App Guidance

Help Users with More Targetable Locations and Backdrop. Following Summer ’22 Release, further enhancements have been made to Targeted Prompts. In this release, additional elements can be targeted. Also, a grey backdrop is applied to emphasise the component you are highlighting. This is helpful for user adoption; specifically calling out key components. Click here for more info


Flows have many enhancements! Here are some of the main updates. 

Block New Workflow Rule Creation. Workflow Rule creation is now blocked. If you have not started your Flow Journey, now is a good time! Click here for more info.

Cut and Paste Flow Elements. Select an element, ‘cut’ it and move it to another part of the Flow. Easy! Click here for more info

Find Flow Elements Faster with Search. Use ‘Search’ to find your desired element. If looking for a particular action, search by its ‘name’ rather than Type. Click here for more info

Use Formula Builder in Flow Resources and Collection Filter Elements. Formula Builder is available in Formula Resources and Collection Filters. Very helpful! Build formulas and check syntax, without having to save. Click here for more info

Use Record-Triggered Flows to Update Related Records. It is now easier to update records related to the triggering record. You can also apply filters to select a subset of records to update. Click here for more info

Use In and Not In Operators in Flows to Find Related Records. ‘In’ and ‘Not In’ Operators for primitive values are now supported! If you do not come from a coding background, this may not sound a big deal. It is! Check out the flipbook below for more info on this. Click here for more info. 

Select Multiple Records from a Table in a Flow Screen (Beta). Use Tables to show a list of Records in a Screen Flow. Select which columns to display and if users can select one or many records. Click here for more info

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement: Powered by Pardot

Simplify Prospect Opt-Out Status Between Account Engagement and Salesforce. Users of Account Engagement (Pardot) can now explicitly set whether Salesforce or Pardot is the master for opt-out data. Click here for more info.

Other Features of Note

As always, it is challenging to pick a handful of features! Here are some other features which caught my eye in the release. 

Develop from Anywhere Using Salesforce Code Builder (Beta). Instead of downloading Visual Studio Code (or other Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), you can use a web-based development environment. Click here for more infoBear in mind for the Beta, usage is capped at 20 hours for a maximum of 30 days. 



In recent releases, there have been a number of maintenance updates. Here are some noteworthy ones to prepare for. 

Be sure to check the Release Updates for any other items relevant to your org!


The Winter ’23 release has many features to help you and your business. Hopefully this summary has highlighted some of the most exciting features! However, if you want more ideas and inspiration, why not see the full Winter ’23 Release notes here

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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