SFDC Penguin - What is the AppExchange and how does it help?

What is the AppExchange and How does it help?

The Salesforce AppExchange has reached an impressive milestone: 10 million installs! To celebrate, I’ll be writing a three-part blog post! Here, I will explain what the AppExchange is and how it can help you. In the next couple of posts, I’ll share some of my favourite types of Apps and tips for selecting an app. Let’s get started!

What is the AppExchange?

The AppExchange is the marketplace for Salesforce. It is a rich ecosystem, with third-party apps and solutions to suit your needs. 

You can also find consultancies and developers to help your projects. It is truly a one-stop shop to help you expand and optimise your Salesforce org!

AppExchange Logo
Salesforce AppExchange logo

How does the AppExchange help?

There are many reasons why the AppExchange can help your business and career. Here are some of the top reasons why. 

AppExchange benefits for your Business

Solving Challenges, Fast

Every business has unique needs. The AppExchange helps you solve these, fast. There are sometimes exceptions, but it is often advisable not to re-invent the wheel. For example, by using the AppExchange, you are:

Complex System
  • Gaining access to secure, enterprise-ready applications
  • Reducing your internal development effort (and cost)
  • Reducing the likelihood of complex, technical debt
  • Identifying specialists who can help you achieve your goals faster; especially if you go for a custom solution

On-going maintenance, updates and Support

Salesforce has releases 3 times a year. Browsers are updated and security standards evolve. Business needs change and new features are required. These all take time, effort and money to manage. 

With the AppExchange, you are able to locate vendors who will help. Whilst you need to do your homework, you can find products which are well supported and maintained. This reduces the on-going overhead for your business. In short, it allows you and internal teams to focus on what you do best. 

Maintenance of a system


The AppExchange allows you to learn from the experience of others, through reviews. This will help you choose the right product or consultancy for your needs.  

Generate Ideas

Picture of Salesforce's Appy advertising 'The Paw'. Appy is your guide to the partner ecosystem

Looking through the AppExchange can give you ideas! Just like window-shopping, explore what is out there. You may stumble across a product which will make a big difference to your users!  

If you don’t have time to research and want ideas sent to you, check out the AppExchange’s newsletter, ‘The Paw‘. This includes information such as featured AppExchange products, ecosystem updates and news. 


AppExchange Benefits for your Career

Salesforce professionals benefit from the AppExchange in various ways. These include:

  • Career opportunities: working with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on the AppExchange
  • Opportunities to diversify and learn new skills (e.g. exploring new processes and systems)
  • Differentiate your CV from others
  • Additional certifications and learning
consulting, training, to learn-3055704.jpg

In recent years, ISVs have put increasing emphasis on training and certifications. Salesforce Ben recently wrote a great summary of 10 key app Salesforce Certifications. I would encourage you to take a look. Such skills will make you increasingly valuable. 


The AppExchange is a vibrant ecosystem which can help businesses take their usage of Salesforce to the next level. It can also provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to further your career. Be sure to check out the next couple of posts where I’ll recommend types of apps which I’ve seen make a real difference to businesses.

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