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Summer ’22 Preview-Release Summary: Favourite Features

The Summer ’22 Preview Release Notes are now available! Let’s see some of the upcoming features.

NOTE: Features are subject to change.

Targeted Prompts

Targeted Prompts show guidance on a specific component. Additional components are now supported: Einstein Search, Help, Trailhead (Global Header) and the Action Ribbon for List Views and Record Pages. This can help adoption. For example, if you customise the Salesforce Help Menu, you can now add an In-App Prompt to make users aware of it!

Click here for more info. For an overview of Targeted Prompts (and Walkthroughs), click here.

Customisation: Dynamic Related Lists

Whilst we eagerly await the next phase of the Dynamic Forms roadmap, Dynamic Related Lists have landed. A new ‘Dynamic Related List – Single’ component is available on Lightning Record Pages. This provides filtering and sort capabilities.

Customisation: Fields

Create custom Address Fields

Create Custom Address Fields (Beta) on standard or custom objects. These work similarly to standard address fields on Lead, Account and Contacts, etc. Review Requirements and Limitations first! For example, this feature requires the State and Country/Territory Picklist feature.

NOTE: Once enabled, the Custom Address fields feature cannot be disabled.

Managing Picklist Values

Managing picklists has become easier. Key features:

Einstein Search

Einstein Search is being enhanced further. The main feature which caught my attention was Search Manager.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards in Summer ’22 receive some helpful productivity features:

Both of these features were Beta in Spring ’22, but have become generally available in this release. 

Other interesting features include: 

Permission Set/Permission Set Assignment Expiration (Generally Available)

The enhanced user interface for Permission Set and Permission Set Group assignment is now generally available. This was originally Beta in Spring ’22, but will be enforced in Winter ’23.

This allows you to use List Views to help with assigning permissions. It also enables an expiration date for Permission Set/Permission Set Group assignments. This helps where additional permissions are only needed for a limited time (e.g. where a staff member is covering when a colleague is on leave). Rather than remembering to remove the elevated rights manually, the system will rescind this for you.

Don’t want to wait until Winter ’23? You can enable it now in Release updates. Click here for more info.

Flow and Orchestrator

Summer ’22 is another impressive release for Einstein Automate & Flow. Here are some of the key ones:


In truth, there are too many features to mention here. Other features which caught my attention include:


Pardot has several enhancements in Summer ’22. The main ones which caught my attention were:

Other features which I would like to highlight include enhancements to landing page components (e.g. iframe support for HTML components, improved formatting, etc), Completion Actions can send Slack Notifications, and the retirement of Drip Programs (convert to Engagement Studio instead).

Person Accounts

Person Accounts can now be enabled without contacting Salesforce Support. Bear in mind this is an irreversible change. Before enabling:


Summer ’22 is another great release. It has many features which will help end users, admins and developers alike. I hope you found this summary of the release notes useful! If you did, please share to help others get up to speed with Summer ’22. 

Until next time, thanks for your time!

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