Summer ’21: In-App Guidance: Targeted Prompts and Walkthroughs

In-App Guidance has been enhanced further in the Summer ’21 Release. This follows other updates in Spring ’21

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In-App Guidance: Targeted Prompts

In-App Guidance allows us to create targeted prompts for users. This has many use cases. For example, helping adoption and signposting changes.  

As of Summer ’21, the types of Prompts supported are as follows. 

Floating Prompts

Allow us to choose where a prompt is displayed. This can be either:

  • Top Left, Centre or Right
  • Middle Left, Centre or Right
  • Bottom Left, Centre or Right
These were supported prior to Summer ’21. They are best suited for short messages (up to 240 characters). You can also embed images. 
Example of a Floating Prompt

Docked Prompts

A larger prompt, fixed on the bottom right of the page. These can be minimised, maximised or kept in their default location.  

These were supported prior to Summer ’21. Docked Prompts are better suited for messages requiring more space (up to 4000 characters). You can embed images or videos (via a URL). 

Example of a Docked Prompt

New - Targeted Prompts (Beta)

In Beta for Summer ’21, Targeted Prompts allow us to select a specific component on a page. This is very powerful, particularly when training users on a change made to a page within Salesforce. 

Example of a Targeted Prompt

As with ‘Floating’ prompts, this should only be used for short messages (240 characters). The main benefit is that it can refer to a specific on-screen component. However, if Pages and User access rights change, it will impact the behaviour of the Prompts. Click here for more information

In-App Guidance: 3 Free Walkthroughs

Alongside Targeted Prompts, Summer ’21 provides the ability to use three Walkthroughs for free in relevant editions. Click here for more information

A Walkthrough allows us to create a series of In-App Guidance Prompts (up to 10), guiding users around a piece of functionality. Previously, this was only possible via myTrailhead licensing. 

Check out this short video for more information on how Walkthroughs work. 

Additional In-App Guidance Updates in Summer '21

Alongside Targeted Prompts and Walkthroughs, the Summer ’21 release includes:

  1. Create In-App Guidance with Revised Permission Requirements
    • Users now only need ‘Manage Prompts’ to author Prompts and Walkthroughs. Modify Metadata is no longer required. This helps to delegate day-to-day management of this feature to non-admin users. 
  2. Let Users See Their Snoozed In-App Guidance When They Want
    • Enforces a User’s preference for the snooze interval

Further Advice

For In-App Guidance Best practices, please refer to this article. It contains information on the different types of Prompts, as well as advise on the different options available. Further considerations are available here


In-App Guidance provides targeted information, when it is needed. This is invaluable for user adoption. 

Summer ’21 furthers the capabilities of In-App Guidance, empowering us with targeted prompts and three free walkthroughs. It also empowers non-admin users to create and manage Prompts. 

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