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Salesforce Spring ’24: Release Summary

The Spring ’24 Release Notes are now available! Looking for an overview of the main features? Look no further! 


Spring ’24 brings many updates to analytics. Here are some of the main ones. 

Lightning Reports & Dashboards

Unified Analytics Experiences


Einstein AI Features

A significant number of Einstein AI features are covered in the Spring ’24 release notes. Check out the flipchart below for a summary of the main ones. 



Flow continues to innovate in Spring ’24. Here are some of the key updates:

Omni-Channel (Routing)

Winter ’24 introduced ‘Enhanced Omni-Channel’: a new experience designed to help agents and supervisors (e.g. paused work, improved notifications etc). Spring ’24 is expanding on this. For example, Enhanced Omni-Channel is now accessible via apps with standard navigation. The queueable work items limit has also been increased to 300,000 for Enhanced Omni-Channel (still 200,000 on standard).  

Other key updates include:


Sales Fundamentals

Following Winter ’24, there are updates to Lead and Contact Intelligence Views. Refer to the Winter ’24 summary for setup steps

  • Get a Full View of Account Health with the Account Intelligence View. New Account Intelligence view. This provides easy to use filters, high-level statistics, an overview of related Cases and Opportunities and the ability to log an activity/send email. 
  • Drive Success with Seller Home. New default home page for Sales, Sales Console and Sales Engagement apps. This provides a high-level overview of Opportunity, Account, Lead and Contact data. It also shows goals (weekly/monthly), today’s events, to-do items, recent records and contact suggestions. 

Other Updates

Seasonal releases always have lots of information! Here are some of the other features/updates which caught my attention. 

Accessibility and Usability

Change Event Notifications

Field Service


Lightning Web Component (LWC) Enabled Objects

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Updates​

All Salesforce customers are contractually required to use MFA for Production org user logins into Salesforce. Scratch-orgs and sandboxes remain exempt. 

New Setup Domain

Feature Retirements

There are several updates on feature retirements:

This is not exhaustive. Check out the release notes for any other retirements impacting your org.

Release Updates

Each release introduces core updates for performance, security, and usability. Spring ’24 has the following:

  • x4 enforced this release (cannot be disabled when enabled)
  • x1 automatically enabled (enabled, but can be disabled until enforcement)
Summer ’24 is planned to enforce a further 6 updates. It is recommended to plan for these now. 


Spring ’24 provides a wide array of new and/or improved features. Be sure to check out the release notes for any other items relevant to your org!

Until next time, thanks for reading! 🐧

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