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Spring ’23 Preview Release Summary

The Spring ’23 Preview Release Notes are now available. As usual, there are many new features! Here are some of my favourites. 

NOTEFeatures are subject to change.

Console: Performance Optimisation

Limit the Maximum Number of Loaded Lightning Console Tabs in a Session: Cap the maximum tabs which load automatically. The least recently used tabs which exceed this remain open, but not loaded until clicked. This improves loading times for users.

Search: Configure Searchable Fields by Profile

Configure Searchable Fields for Each User Profile (Beta). Create configurations that control which fields on objects are searchable for specified Profiles. This helps refine search results for specific use cases.

Report and Dashboard Enhancements

There are a lot of enhancements to Reports and Dashboards in Spring ’23. Here are some of the main ones:

Create Personalized Report Filters. Make reports more helpful for individual users by applying a dynamic relative filter. This allows you to show Report results relevant to the user running the report.

Stay Informed on Dashboard and Report Subscriptions. Create a new custom Report Type (Analytic Notification). Use this to monitor user Report and Dashboard subscriptions, conditions they run, scheduling and actions being taken (e.g., sending emails).

Subscribe to More Reports and Dashboards. For Unlimited Edition orgs, users can now subscribe to 15 Reports and Dashboards. This is up from the prior limit of 7 Reports and Dashboards respectively.

Stay Organized by Adding Reports and Dashboards to Collections. The Unified Experience for Analytics is enhanced further. Create collections to bundles of Reports/Dashboards together. Collections can be shared with users, groups or roles as needed

Dynamic Forms, Related Lists & Activity Composer

Recently, Salesforce has put considerable effort into making ‘dynamic’ features. This seeks help admins and developers create tailored user experiences, without extensive code. Spring ’23 takes this further with the following: 

Enhance Case and Lead Record Pages with Dynamic Forms. Enhance user experience on the Lead and Case objects with Dynamic Forms.

See More Records in Dynamic Related Lists. The Dynamic Related List – Single component now supports the ‘View All’. Prior to Spring ’23, the maximum number of records which could be seen in a Dynamic Related List was 30.

Take Action More Quickly in the Dynamic Activity Composer. Enhances user productivity by providing more actions/short-cuts for users. Allow users to easily select from a drop-down of pre-configured actions (e.g. emails, log a call, task and events).


Activity Tracking

Track Field History for Activities. Track up to 6 fields on Tasks/Events with field history tracking. The Activity Record History component is automatically added to default Event and Task Lightning pages.

Flow Enhancements

There are too many Flow updates to cover in detail, but here are some of the main ones:

Bring External Data into Flow Builder Without Code (Beta). Set-up direct integrations from Flows without code, by creating Flow Builder actions to call web-based service APIs using a HTTP callout.

Add Lookup Fields to Your Flow Screens with Ease. Add lookup fields to Dynamic Forms for Flow. These can also be used to create records directly.

Select a Value from a List of Choices with the Choice Lookup Component (Beta). Allows users to select from external data values, picklists, static values, or records by typing, rather than selecting from a long list. Supports collections such as record choice sets and picklist choice sets.

See Element Descriptions on the Flow Canvas. Auto-Layout screen flows now each element’s descriptions.

Flow and Process Run-Time Changes in API Version 57.0The 2000 flow element limit has been removed (for v57.0 Flows). This makes it easier to avoid the ‘Number of Iterations exceeded’ error. Be sure to check out the additional info on resuming auto-launched flows with expected user context too!

Convert Processes to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool. Process Builders are now supported in the Migrate to Flow Tool. This only supports Record Triggered Processes; there are some exemptions.

DevOps Center

DevOps Center (Generally Available). DevOps Center is now Generally Available. Requires a GitHub account. Spring ’23 introduces various improvements. For example, better handling environments (e.g. sandbox refreshes, disconnecting/removing environments), validate-only deployments, etc.

Maintenance / Release Updates


Spring ’23 is another large release with many new features to help your business. If you want some more inspiration, check out the Spring ’23 Release notes here!

Until next time, thank you for reading! 🐧

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