Spring ’22 Preview-Release Summary: Favourite Features

The Salesforce Spring ’22 Release is on the horizon. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming features!

NOTE: Spring ’22 is currently in preview. Therefore, the features are subject to change. 

Spring '22 Key Dates

For further information, click here 

Preview Release Notes22nd December 2021
Sandbox Cut-off date6th January 2022
Sandboxes Upgraded7th/8th January 2022
Spring '22 Release Site Live7th January 2022
First Release Weekend14th January 2022
Release Readiness Broadcasts4th/11th February 2022
Second Release Weekend4th February 2022
Final Release Weekend11th/12th February 2022

Reminder: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Please remember all Salesforce customers are contractually required to use MFA from the 1st of February, 2022. For more info, click here

Analytics: Reports and Dashboards

In-App Guidance

These updates further enhance In-App Guidance. It empowers us to produce targeted and engaging content.  For more information on In-App Guidance, please click here

Lightning Console

Lightning Consoles tabs are usually ‘sticky’. They remain open until a user closes them. As a result, workspaces can become cluttered. Admins can now default an app’s tabs to close when a new session is started. 

Tip: Before enabling, consult your users. If users are used to tabs remaining open, enabling this could cause confusion. There are various keyboard shortcuts for Lightning Console Apps which can help users manage their tabs. For example, shift + w closes all unpinned tabs.  

Einstein Search

Einstein Search is being enhanced. For example, allowing users to adjust Natural Language Search Results and Distinguishing Users or Groups with Profile Images. However, my favourite is:

When enabled, users can use search terms such as ‘My Tasks This Week’. This provides users another way to get actionable information easily. For more information on other supported objects, click here


Pardot has updates to marketing assets (e.g. landing page & email template customisations), automationmetrics/reporting and the Pardot API

The Pardot Classic app is scheduled for retirement in October 2022. Training resources to help are available here

One feature which caught my attention was: 

Assuming there is enough data, an ‘Einstein Engagement Frequency’ is calculated.  This can be used in list filters and Engagement Studio. As a result, it helps avoid over-sending. Given it is easy to send too many emails, this insight can be invaluable. 


Last, but far from least, there are many updates to Flows. Some of my favourites so far are:

There are many more features. Without a doubt, Salesforce is expending significant effort on Flows to make it the go-to tool for declarative automation. It will be exciting to see where Flows go next!

And there's more...

The release has many more exciting features too! Other key features which caught my attention included Pipeline Inspection, Revenue Intelligence and Scoping Rules.


Spring ’22 has many new features. Whether it be one of the (many) Flow enhancements, Reporting , In-App guidance or something else, there is plenty available to look into. Be sure to check out the Release Notes for further information. 

The Spring ’22 logo is the property of Salesforce. 

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Thank you for reading and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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