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September 21 IdeaExchange Prioritisation – Don’t lose your Coins!

Ever wanted a piece of functionality in Salesforce, which isn’t available yet? Wish it was part of the core platform? That’s where the IdeaExchange comes in! 

In this post, I’ll take a quick look at the IdeaExchange, Prioritisation, how to spend your coins and where to go to learn more.

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What's the IdeaExchange & why does it matter?

As you probably know, Salesforce has three major releases each year: Spring, Summer and Winter. The IdeaExchange gives you a voice to influence product development. Tell Salesforce Product Managers what features you want to see. Login and upvote, downvote or create Ideas of your own. For example, do you want Dynamic Forms on the Account or Opportunity object? I certainly do and have upvoted these ideas!

This leads onto why it matters. Without it, there is no way for Salesforce to know what features will make a difference to you and your business. Be sure to take a look and vote. You never know, that feature you’ve always wanted may be something that the rest of the community wants too. 

What's Prioritisation?

Three times a year, the top Ideas are put forward for prioritisation. This allows you and the rest of the community to vote on a subset of ideas to be taken forward for future releases. 

Each member of the community is given 100 coins – spend them wisely! 

Where do I get coins and how do I spend them?

To use your 100 coins, login (or register) to your Trailblazer Account and go to Prioritisation and click ‘Start Prioritizing’

Review the Ideas and select the ones which matter most to you. Once you’ve spent all 100 coins, submit your choices. After that, keep an eye on future releases! You can see prior winning ideas here.  

How long do I have to spend my coins?

The current round of Prioritisation is open until 11pm PDT on the 27th September 2021. Be sure to take a look before then! But don’t worry, if you miss this round, the next one is just around the corner. 

Where can I learn more?

Salesforce have created a short video on the IdeaExchange and Prioritisation process. This is available here. There is also a great Trailhead Module available here


The IdeaExchange and Prioritisation give you a say on future Salesforce feature enhancements. Be sure to have your say and shape the future direction of the platform. The current priorisation round ends on 27th of September, 2021 at 11pm PDT. 

Bonus Penguin Fact

In the last post, we talked about the largest of the current Penguin species, the Emperor Penguin. Emperor Penguins are typically 1.1-1.3m tall. You may be thinking this is big. Compared to some now extinct Penguins, the Emperor Penguin is in fact small! 

Palaeeudyptes klekowskii, more often referred to as the ‘colossus penguin’ dwarfed the Emperor. Living around 37-40 million years ago, this gigantic penguin is estimated to have been ~2m tall and weighed as much as 115kg (source). 

Palaeeudyptes klekowskii size comparison. Source:

In the next post, we’ll take a look at why it is believed penguins such as these were able to get so large!

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