Salesforce Summer ’24 Release Summary

The Summer ’24 Release Notes are now available. Let’s take a look at some of the main features!


Data Cloud Reports & Dashboards

Both of these changes apply to Data Cloud in Developer, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions. 


Einstein AI Features

Summer ’24 provides many Einstein AI Features and Platform updates. Check out the flipchart below for a summary of the main ones. 

Einstein Search

Search Manager becomes Generally Available in Summer ’24. Along with this, there are a number of enhancements. These include: 


Summer ’24 introduces a large number of Flow updates. Here are some of the main ones. 

Flow Builder

Screen Flow Updates

Flow Orchestration

Flow Management

Flow Actions

General Setup


Other Updates

Here are some of the other features and updates which caught my attention. 


There are a number of accessibility/UI enhancements in Summer ’24, such as:

  • Get Improved Accessibility in List ViewsKeyboard controls for navigating related lists. Improved support for screen readers when using the chart window. Screen readers include the list view name with the pin list button and whether it is/is not pinned. Chart/filter buttons display tooltips when in focus. 
  • See Improved Contrast in Focus States. To better support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) has been updated with a new focus styling. This displays a darker line around a component which is in focus. 


Data Cloud

Data Cloud (formerly Salesforce Customer Data Platform/Genie) is continuing to receive significant attention, with a number of updates expected between May and July this year. Whilst there are too many items to cover in depth, here are some of the key updates:

  • Data enrichment options (i.e. sharing Data Cloud data with Salesforce) are being enhanced in May. 
  • Data segmentation (counts and prioritisation) are expected to be enhanced in June. 
  • There are a number of updates for Einstein Studio in July.

For more information on features and timelines, please refer to Data Cloud Features Released by Month.

Default No-Reply Organization-Wide Email Addresses

Google Chrome Storage Partitioning

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Updates

As covered in the last release, Salesforce customers are contractually required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for direct logins into Production environments. In the Summer ’24 release:

  • Salesforce Admins Get In-App Reminders If MFA Is Turned Off. Admins will receive in-app reminders, when using setup, if MFA has been turned off. This will be where ‘Require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all direct UI logins to your Salesforce org’ setting in ‘Identity Verification’ has been disabled in Production.
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New Domain for Setup

  • Add the New Setup Domain. During Summer ’24, the domain used to access setup will change. If your company has internet access restrictions in place (i.e. via firewalls and allowlists), ensure that is added to allowed domains. 

Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) Architecture Updates

  • Prepare Your Component Customizations for Design System Architecture Updates.
    • Starting in Summer ’24, Salesforce is updating internal Lightning Components, Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) styles and custom properties.
      • Where an org has no customisations, the changes are not expected to cause visible UI changes. 
      • If your org has been customised using supported techniques, little/no UI impact is expected.
      • Any customisations made using unsupported techniques may be impacted.  
    • For more information, review the SLDS Architecture Updates FAQ.  

Salesforce API Only Systems Integration Profile

Feature Retirements

There are several updates on feature retirements:

Release Updates

Each release introduces core updates for performance, security, and usability. Summer ’24 has the following:

  •  x5 enforced this release (cannot be disabled when enabled). 
A further x15 release updates are planned to be enforced in Winter ’25. Given the volume of items scheduled to be enforced, it is recommended to plan for these now. Click here for more information


Summer ’24 provides many new and improved features. As always, be sure to check the release notes for other items to help your org!

Until next time, thanks for reading! 🐧

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