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Salesforce AI Centre: London

Salesforce officially opened its first dedicated AI Centre in London on the 18th of June. As part of Salesforce’s ‘AI Now Tour’, I, alongside over 100 admins and developers, were there for the opening! Want to know more about the AI Centre? Read on!

What is the Salesforce AI Centre?

It is no secret that Salesforce is committing heavily to AI. At Salesforce World Tour, it was announced that a new AI Centre will be opened. 

The Salesforce AI centre, in the Blue Fin Building, London, provides a space for AI collaboration, learning innovation and experimentationGiven the speed of change, having a safe space to learn and innovate will be increasingly important. 

Whilst this is Salesforce’s first AI Centre, I would be surprised if it is the last!

Astro welcoming me to the Salesforce UK AI Centre!

Why London?

Salesforce has long viewed the UK and Ireland (UK&I) as a key market. This is evidenced by Salesforce’s commitment last year to investing $4 billion into its UK business over 5 years.

Choosing London reflects the fact the city is rapidly becoming a hub for AI. Various factors contribute to this, such as availability of talent, government incentives, AI start-ups and infrastructure. For reasons such as this, a recent report by the International Trade Association highlighted that the UK AI market is estimated at over $21 billion, and anticipated to grow to over $1 trillion by 2035.

However, as a recent report by the CIPD highlights, ongoing learning is essential to unlock AI’s potential. This is to help identify options, whilst gaining confidence. As such, facilities such as Salesforce’s AI Centre will contribute towards unlocking this growth.

What next?

Salesforce’s AI Centre is one part of its aspiration to train over 100,000 developers in the use of its generative AI applications. With the AI Tour now in full swing, be sure to keep your eyes open for opportunities to learn more. If you want to learn more about Data Cloud and Generative AI training at the AI Now Tour, be sure to check out the next post for more info!

Until next time, thanks for reading! 🐧


Salesforce opened its first dedicated AI Centre in London on the 18th of June 2024. It provides a space for AI learning and innovation. This is a key part of Salesforce’s investment in the UK&I market. Read upcoming posts for more info about opportunities to learn about Data Cloud and Generative AI with the AI Now Tour.

Bonus Penguin Fact

The 18th of June may have been the opening of the AI Centre, but the 9th of June also saw the hatching of a Gentoo Penguin chick at ‘The Deep’ in Hull.

Have you ever wondered why this species of penguin is called ‘Gentoo’? Well, it turns out its origin is not entirely clear! Some speculate it originates from an Anglo-Indian term used to distinguish Hindus and Muslims; with the white patch on the adult Gentoo penguin’s head loosely resembling a turban.

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