Lightning Login: What is it and how do I use it?

I recently wrote about Salesforce’s requirement for customers to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by the 1st of February, 2022. It is important to choose the right approach for your business. Salesforce’s ‘Lightning Login’ is an easy way to help comply with MFA, without needing to use passwords to login!

 In this post, I’ll cover what it is, key benefits and how to setup and use Lightning Login. Let’s begin!

What is Lightning Login?

Lightning Login has been around for a while. It allows users to login to Salesforce with only a username and the Salesforce Authenticator App. No passwords required! Despite its name, it does not require Lightning Experience. The name just reflects that it can help you login to Salesforce, fast.  

What are the benefits?

MFA enhances your Salesforce org’s security. This is by adding additional ‘layers’ to the login process, making unauthorised access harder.  Click here for more information

Lightning Login uses the Salesforce Authenticator App. However, it also removes the need to remember passwords. Key benefits include:

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Setup Lightning Login

To setup Lightning Login, follow the steps below. These will vary, depending on your org’s security settings and whether the user is already using the Salesforce Authenticator App.  

Using Lightning Login

Once setup, it is simple to use:

And that’s it! By using Lightning Login, a user just provides a username and approves the login request via the Salesforce Authenticator app. This improves security relative to a username and password alone! 


If you are tempted by Lightning Login, consider the following:

  • Lightning Login can be used to help satisfy Salesforce’s MFA requirement for February 2022
  • Discuss with your business’s IT/cyber security team to determine suitability
  • Users will need the Salesforce Authenticator app on their mobile devices. This supports both Android and iOS. This is not the same as the Salesforce Mobile App!
  • Decide whether to keep Lightning Logins at a ‘standard’ assurance level, or set it to ‘High Assurance’. More information here
  • Test the solution (in a sandbox ideally) before using in Production
  • Determine who should use it. No-one, everyone or a sub-set of users?
    • A small pilot can be useful 
  • Lightning Login can be used in multiple orgs, including Production and sandboxes. This can make it helpful for Admins and Developers too
  • Lightning Login can be turned off at any time. Users can also cancel their enrolment . 
  • Admins can monitor logins within Setup, either in Login History or Identity Verification History
Further information on Lightning Login is available here:


Lightning Login is a helpful addition to the Salesforce Authenticator app process. It removes the need to enter passwords when logging in. Before implementing, test the solution and consult your business’s IT / Cyber Security Team to ensure it fits your business’s needs. 

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