SFDC Penguin - Getting Ready for Summer '22

Getting Ready for Summer ’22

The Salesforce Summer ’22 release is around the corner. Here, I’ll share key dates and recommendations for the release.

What is Summer ’22?

Salesforce has three releases each year: Spring, Summer, and Winter. These introduce new features, which can be enabled either:

  • Automatically
  • By an Administrator or Developer
  • By a request to Salesforce

Pay attention to releases. New features can help take your business’s adoption to the next level. Equally, they can coincide with feature retirements and essential maintenance.

Key Dates

For Summer ’22, Salesforce have outlined the following dates:

Further information on each of the dates are available here.


Release management is a key part of maintaining a Salesforce org. Here are a few tips.

Signing-up for a Pre-Release Org

Want to see the latest features ASAP? Sign-up (or login if you already have one!) to a pre-release org. Whilst this org will not have your setup, you can see the changes ahead of time. Pre-release orgs are scheduled to be available on the 21st of April.

Check If Your Sandboxes Are Preview Or Non-Preview For Summer '22

Sandboxes are divided into two categories: Preview and Non-Preview. Preview sandboxes allow you to see release changes with your setup before Production is upgraded. You can easily check if your sandboxes are Preview or Non-Preview here. More info on Preview sandboxes is available here.

In Summer ’22, Preview Sandboxes are set to be upgraded on May 6th-7th.

NOTE: Production will be upgraded when Summer ’22 is generally available. You will not be able to deploy new features from a Summer ’22 Preview sandbox to a Production org using Spring ’22.

Learn, Review, Explore & Communicate The Summer ‘22 Release

Use the various resources available to bring yourself up to speed. New Releases are an exciting time for Admins, Consultants, Developers and End-Users. They provide the tools to use Salesforce in new and innovative ways. Be sure to explore what is possible and communicate with your team.

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Feature retirement: Legacy API Versions

Always consult the release notes and release updates for upcoming required maintenance. One key update to be aware of in Summer ’22 is changes on API versions. Specifically:

  • Versions 7-20 – Retired and unavailable in the Summer ’22 release
  • Versions 21-30 – Depreciated and no longer supported from Summer ’22. These API versions remain available, but are set for retirement in Summer ‘23

For both, please consult the linked documents for more information on the scope of the retirement and how to check Event Logs.


Summer ’22 is coming soon. It will provide many new features to help you get the best out of Salesforce. Keep your eyes open and check out future posts for more information!

I hope you find this useful & thanks for reading! Please follow SFDC Penguin on LinkedIn and Twitter for more content.

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