Einstein GPT for Service – July ’23 Highlights

Salesforce’s Summer of AI continues with more features and updates. Back at World Tour London, a Einstein GPT for Service webinar was announced for the 19th of July. Want a short summary? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s three key take-homes from the ‘Get Started with Einstein GPT for Service’ webinar (and a penguin fact at the end too!) 

What is Einstein GPT for Service and why does it matter?

Einstein GPT for Service (Service GPT) is an umbrella term for Salesforce’s generative AI features in Service Cloud. These can enhance personalisation, productivity and profitability as well as boost employee & customer satisfaction. 

For example, the webinar shows how Gucci’s contact centre piloted Service Replies. The purpose was to help agents upsell/cross-sell. Agents using Service Replies saw a 31% increase in product conversion rates (click here for more info). 

As we’ll see in the next section, Einstein GPT for Service can empower teams. It has been designed to do this whilst addressing common concerns via the Einstein GPT Trust Layer‘. The premise is that it will help businesses maximise the benefits of generative AI securely and responsibly.  


Most of the features have been mentioned either at Salesforce AI day or World Tour. However, the webinar provided more depth. 

Check out the slides below for a summary. Two features (Service Replies & Work Summaries) are now generally available. Various other features are now in pilot, or will be soon.  

The session also included a demo of Service Replies, Work Summaries & Knowledge Articles. This is available here. From the demo, the following caught my attention:

Getting started with Einstein GPT for Service

The webinar also covers how to get started with Einstein GPT for Service. This includes info on licensing, a dependency map for Einstein GPT features and rollout options.  

Setup and Licensing prerequisites

  • Lightning Experience
  • Licensing: Service Cloud OR Industries Unlimited Edition and Service Cloud Einstein Unlimited Edition
  • Credits: Contact your Salesforce Account Manager for more info

NOTE: Einstein GPT for Service currently includes 8k of credits. This is part of Service Cloud Einstein

Certain features (e.g. Service Replies) require other features (e.g. Service Replies should be used alongside Messaging and Omni-Channel). As such, using Einstein GPT for Service requires a certain level of org-maturity to be reached. 

Rollout Options

Alongside org-maturity, it is important to understand the desired use case. Define the value you hope to achieve and assess how ready your business / Salesforce org is. There are several options available:

  • Salesforce Professional Services: Packages available to guide the rollout of one or multiple GPT features. 
  • Implementation Partners
  • Self-implementation
The choice of rollout method should take into account: desired time-to-value and skillsets/expertise available. 


Generative AI is moving fast at Salesforce with features released outside of the normal Spring, Summer and Winter releases. During the webinar, the functionality was referred to as ‘Chapter 1’. ‘Chapters 2’ and ‘Chapters 3’ are coming at Dreamforce (September 12-14 2023). Plenty to keep an eye on!

Service GPT has the potential to empower teams, freeing up time from admin intensive activities (e.g. Work Summaries). It may indirectly help hiring managers too. Service is becoming increasingly omnichannel: phone, email, live chat, social and mobile, etc. This makes communication skills even more important; verbal and written. 

Not everyone has the best writing skills, but they may be personable and caring. Tools like Service GPT help level the playing field; generating messages respecting a company’s brand and tone, whilst giving agents the ability to edit the content. In doing so, it provides greater opportunities for rapport building and empathetic customer service. 

I think it is an exciting time and it’ll be interesting to see the announcements at Dreamforce.  


This blog post has summarised the key take-homes from the ‘Get Started with Einstein GPT for Service‘ webinar. The main items are:

  • Einstein GPT for Service (Service GPT) is Salesforce’s generative AI capability for service. It has the potential to reduce average handling times, improve customer satisfaction and help customer and employee satisfaction. 
  • Rapid progress has been made with new features. Features are being released outside of standard release cycles, with Service Replies and Work Summaries being made generally available on the 19th of July 2023. 
  • To get started with Service GPT, it is important to consider both your org’s (e.g. maturity, data quality, licensing etc) and business’s (e.g. clarity of goals/value to be realised) readiness. 
Einstein GPT has many opportunities. Be sure to keep a look out for new features, especially as we head towards Dreamforce!
Until next time, thanks for reading! 🐧

Bonus Penguin Fact

Odense Zoo in Denmark is home to three different species of penguin: king , gentoo and northern rockhopper penguins. As you can imagine, looking after a variety of penguin species can be challenging. Earlier this year, Odense Zoo completed a refurbishment of their homes.  

Watch this video to see how the penguins settled into their new home. If you want a funny version, check out this dubbed version of the king penguins moving! Be sure to let me know which is your favourite! 

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