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Communication: Three key skills

Whether you are an admin, developer, consultant, superuser or architect, communication matters. Whilst being technically skilled is one thing, you need to bring others with you. For example, you may work with teammates, implementation partners, contractors, customers, and business users. Every stakeholder has their own needs. I recently completed FlowRepublic’s Communication Bootcamp to see ways I …

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Salesforce Certified Administrator: Tips and Resources

The ‘administrator’ certification is a key milestone for anyone entering the Salesforce ecosystem. It is also important for anyone who is already working with Salesforce, but wants a deeper understanding. Employers recognise the certification and as a result it helps to open doors.  You may wonder: How hard is the exam? How long will I …

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Spring ’23 Preview Release Summary

The Spring ’23 Preview Release Notes are now available. As usual, there are many new features! Here are some of my favourites.  NOTE: Features are subject to change. Console: Performance Optimisation Limit the Maximum Number of Loaded Lightning Console Tabs in a Session: Cap the maximum tabs which load automatically. The least recently used tabs which …

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Backup & Restoration: Are you prepared?

Things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes that’s a good thing. However, when protecting your Salesforce org’s data and metadata, you don’t want surprises! In this post, I’ll cover tips for backups and restoration. This will help you assess your org’s readiness and options available.  Why Backup and Restoration Matters? A good (non-Salesforce) example is …

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Winter ’23 Preview-Release Summary: Favourite Features

The Salesforce Winter ’23 Preview Release notes are now available! Lets see some of the best upcoming features. NOTE: Features are subject to change. Customisation: Dynamic Forms & Dynamic Related Lists Dynamic Forms. Now support Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Person Accounts! Click here for more info. Dynamic Related Lists. Introduced in Summer ’22. Winter ’23 …

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Free App to help with Access Management

Anyone who knows me (or follows this blog!) will know I like the AppExchange. It helps businesses solve challenges, without reinventing the wheel.  In my last post, I wrote about Access Management. Maintaining healthy access management is essential. However, depending on your org, your users may have a tapestry of permissions. This can be challenging to …

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SFDC Penguin - Access Management: The End of Profiles?

Access Management: The End of Profiles?

Salesforce provides many tools to control user access. However, ensuring the right level of analysis can be challenging. Equally, Salesforce is striving to reduce reliance on Profiles in favour of Permission Sets and Permission Set groups. This post outlines key considerations to help you prepare.  Background: Why Access Matters Managing access rights is essential. Too …

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