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SFDC Penguin is a blog, created in March 2020. Its purpose is to promote Salesforce adoption, focusing on Salesforce Lightning. The goal is to help everyone understand how Salesforce can add value to businesses and provide opportunities to individuals, whilst having fun along the way!

The awesome logo was designed by my amazing girlfriend, Louise. It is my hope that this blog will help her understand what it is I work on all day 🙂

The name SFDC Penguin came from the blog being about Salesforce.com (abbreviated to SFDC) and both Louise and I finding penguins amazing birds.

Richard Pomeroy

I am a Salesforce Professional with ~11 years of experience in end-user and consulting environments. I have x7 certifications (for the moment!) and am a Trailhead Ranger.

I volunteer in Salesforce Supermums programme as a mentor and have participated in the Salesforce Lightning (Platform) Champions PIatform Programme (2020-2021).